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Traceable® Dual-Display Light Meter Complete Description

Dual displays show lux or foot-candles, or percent differential from a reference point, and the selected light source (daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, or mercury). Traceable® light meter has computer output that allows it to be connected to a computer or data logger for monitoring and keeping results. To assure accuracy an individually serial-numbered Traceable® Certificate is provided from our ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA. It indicates traceability to standards provided by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Readings in lux and foot-candles
Dual-Display Meter measures lux in three ranges: 0 to 1999 (1 lux resolution), 2000 to 19,990 (10 lux resolution), and 20,000 to 50,000 (100 lux resolution). Readings in foot-candles: 0 to 199.9 (0.1 Fc resolution), 200 to 1,999 (1 Fc resolution), 2,000 to 5,000 (10 Fc resolution). For accuracy see chart. Unit has zero reference settings for all light sources.

Unit recalls highest, lowest, and average readings at the touch of a button. DATA HOLD button freezes the display to capture readings. Precise photodiode and color-correction filter provide cosine- and color-corrected measurements.

Jumbo-sized digits are 1-3/8 inches high. Unit is supplied with 2 inch diameter photocell (cable length is 40 inches), Traceable® Certificate, 9-volt alkaline battery, and computer output. Probe specification is 2-inch diameter photo cell/40-inch cable length. Size is 7 x 3 x 1-1/4 inches. Weight is 9-1/2 ounces. Replacement battery Cat. No. 1112.

Traceable® Dual-Display Light Meter
Range Resolution Accuracy
Lux 0 to 1,999 lux 1 lux ±4.5% full scale
2,000 to 19,999 lux 10 lux ±4.5% full scale
20,000 to 50,000 lux 100 lux ±4.5% full scale
Foot Candles 0 to 199.9 Fc 0.1 Fc ±4.5% full scale
200 to 1,999 Fc 1 Fc ±4.5% full scale
2,000 to 5,000 Fc 10 Fc ±4.5% full scale

Cat. No. Accessories
4138 Easy-Use Accessory Adaptor 115 VAC
4136 Computer Data Acquisition System
4325 Data Logger
4326 Accessory 115 VAC Adaptor for Data Logger

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